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September 1


Someone's having a Frozen party later this month...picture session for the invites


September 2
Carly's first day of school
(Bonhomme Kids Day Out)




September 8
School pictures



September 10
Carly's first soccer practice


With her buddy James


September 18
First Aid Girl Scout Meeting

Gotta wear gloves

Practicing with gauze and bandages


Bandages and epi pen practice


Ella getting and giving an epi pen shot (no needle)


September 20
Carly's Frozen 3rd Birthday Party

Welcome to Arendel!

Olaf decor and cookie cake!


Do you want to build a snowman?!

Or eat a snowman

P&E with their snowmen



Opening presents

Carly holding baby Lyla with the grandmas


Happy birthday Princess!

Make a wish!


September 25
Carly's 3rd birthday

The presents

The birthday girl

Oh yeah, that AG doll I got in Chicago over a month ago!

And Olaf that was at my party 5 days ago!


And the Anna and Elsa dresses I wore at the beginning of the month!


Finally some things that she didn't know about!

Happy birthday baby girl!


A day at the Zoo for the birthday girl!



Pretty cool day...sea lions, carousel, and gift shop!


iPhone Pics

More house pics

The kids in the "hobby room"

Luca in his "man cave"

Our fave restaurant!

Killing time at the party store before soccer practice (while we had an open house)


Carly wanted straight hair!


This is how we roll for in the car down the street

Luca went to a Cardinals game with his buddies

Even the baby plays Minecraft


These 2 seem to be the dog whisperer...they spend the most time with Riesy
And on another note, Riesy got a bad haircut at the groomer

Carly loves Schnucks b/c she can push the "little green cart"


Snow White plays soccer?!?

Pink princess dress

Celebrating her birthday at school

Carly snuggling with Daddy

Well visit at the doctor's office...stripey/matchy tank tops

Carly had a playdate (P&E's friend came over and so did her little sister)


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